Retail Business Support

Starting and growing a retail business comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. At Castle Point Business Accelerator, we recognise the distinct needs of the retail sector, whether you’re launching a new retail business or aiming to grow your established business.

The retail sector offers a vibrant canvas for entrepreneurs to showcase products, connect with customers, and shape memorable shopping experiences. Whether you’re an aspiring retailer with a fresh concept or an established business seeking to adapt and thrive, Castle Point Business Accelerator is here to help you navigate the retail landscape.

How Castle Point Business Accelerator Supports


Meet the Trainer

Rachel Gilbert

A 25 year career in high street retailing, predominately in women’s fashion brings a wide range of experiences across every component part of selling products and services. Retailing is a beautiful balance of science and art!

Good retailers understand profit, sales, and margin but also that retailing is a buzz! Giving customers great products from their brand is the best feeling and there will always be a market for customers to buy from great stores. Rachel brings expertise across different trading models, knowing what’s right for business owners and their customers.

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